MARCH 30, 2019
*After March 25th, Registration will still be accepted at the door
$25 Individual, $35 Couples.
Serving our King is a journey.  Every journey requires knowledge, planning, and preparation in order to be successful.  God has provided us with insightful leaders to Equip us for the journey of discipleship.. 
Join us March 30th to prepare for your journey.
FEATURED SPEAKERS – Bob Sorge &  Dr. Founts Shults
BOB SORGE – “the speaker who can’t talk” – that is, he is reduced to a whisper because of a debilitating vocal injury he suffered over 20 years ago. Through the journey, God has given him an empowering message that explores God’s purpose in fiery trials. It’s not the fire that changes you but your pursuit of God in the fire that changes you. Bob has a unique way of helping us process our journey, so we stay in the race and overcome.  
He has written several books that are the product of this intense personal trial. Whether you’re reading one of these or listening to him, you’re about to receive a word from the heart of God that will strengthen your faith and draw you into greater intimacy with Jesus.  You can acquaint yourself with Bob’s journey in this brief YouTube testimonial. In this video you will see a man that in the face of a debilitating physical setback, draws close to the Father and out of that place of intimacy speaks into the Body of the Messiah
Bob Sorge,
Author & Speaker
Dr. Fount Shults
Bible and Theology Instructor
Dr. FOUNT SHULTS BIO. After 40 years of teaching Bible and Theology, Dr. Shults retired from the campus to focus his energies on bringing health and wholeness to people, especially church leaders who are struggling with life issues. Years of working with students and church members has equipped him to help people come into freedom from destructive ways of approaching life. His open, peaceful demeanor invites people to open up. When they do, they receive a level of freedom they never knew was available. Hundreds, if not thousands of students have experienced freedom simply by being in the classroom under his teaching. Many have received healing from low self-esteem, inner anxieties and emotional wounds from childhood. Freedom came as they experienced God’s loving presence in his office or in the classroom. The insights he received have been confirmed by many therapists and medical doctors who deal with the same issues. He does not counsel people, however; he prays for them and leads them into the presence of Father God. He leans on the Holy Spirit as the counselor. He and his wife, Lynda, have developed a seminar that has brought freedom to hundreds of men and women in the US, in Korea and in Mexico. This seminar is now available to churches in other countries and in the United States.