Increase your Pf Factor!

Eternal Disclamer – The following is written by a creation of God, which through unfortunate circumstance and the craftiness of a certain serpent (of whom we give no credit) that now suffers with being imperfect, flawed, broken, outside the typically Apple plan, and in desperate need of a Savior. Thus all of such will be illustrated in my failure to correct spelling, grammar and anything else that might offend an English major.
 PFactor, Say what? Well if you are not a pilot or aeronautical enthusiast then you can’t be expected to know what “P-Factor” is. So I will save you the Google on this one…
“P-Factor” or Pf in aeronautical language is the asymmetrical relocation of the propeller’s center of thrust when an aircraft is at a high angle of attack. Wow, wasn’t that enlightening…probably not. Doesn’t matter anyway because I’m applying it to a different application.
Pf Factor is what I am calling “Prayer-faith” Factor. OK, you can see I am trying to be creative so give me some grace, maybe a lot of grace depending on how well you know me.
We had a great night last night at prayer.  Now it is always nice to have more people there, but it was still great. God has a unique way of bringing the hearts of people together so He may be exalted. I can assure you that your elders and leadership are praying for the church body and each person that is a part of that body. It was a special time and really hard to describe, you had to BE THERE!!…One more time, BE THERE!!
Now back to Pf Factor…remember, grace:-).  If we have faith in our Lord and He has given us a direct connection to God through Him…you know, “in Jesus name”. This is a free call on an unlimited plan and no roaming charges. That is much better than the cell plan I have, which by the way cost me dearly each month. Now I know the cell phones today are more about the social media access, but don’t you think our God is social? Yea, you won’t find Him on Facebook, maybe some false representations of such, but really He is Holy and I am pretty sure FB would be a fried fritter in His presence. Don’t know what a fried fritter is, ask your grandma. And there is Instagram, Twitter, and so on, of which they would likely be instant burnt chicken in His presence also. Yes, I tried to make a funny again. The point is why can’t being social with our God be just as desirable as with a bunch of hooligans you don’t know. Don’t know what a hooligan is, go back to grandma.
God has gotten a bad rap, because why? Because there are those who don’t believe and can’t see Him! Wait, if you are on FB,IG,TW, you can’t see those hooligans and you believe them? I’m Confucius…sorry confused, although I could be Confucius on FB,IG,TW and I might have a better chance of getting more than you to read my goofy post. Do you sort of see my point…if not, forgive me for wasting your time, but indulge me and let me waste just a little more; face it, you would have wasted it on FB because I have seen the goofy stuff there.
PFactor, I started with that and need to get to the point. Factor, or Prayer-faith Factor is key to anyone who wants to know and or understand God (Hebrews 11:6). Also, God provided us a bonus plan, it was free so more free stuff is even more AWESOMER…don’t try to correct a great word, just let it roll off your tongue naturally. Matthew says, not that tall dude down the street, the book in the Bible…new estimate part, OK..testament…you really need to light up, oops lighten up; Matt. 21:22 “And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith”! TADA! The TADA part is not in the Bible, I don’t want a bunch of theologians coming after me.
See, Pf Factor in “Nazaleez” (not a disease, it’s a new language currently under development) represents the center of thrust in our prayers to God with a high angle of attack. Wow, can someone write this down and give me an AMEN!…oh, I just did. Hopefully someone is still reading it.
Hey, if you got this far then I want to share this…God is social. Jesus didn’t show up to the wedding and do the water to wine thing for tips, it was because He is social and wants to be intimate with each one of us…yes, even you, the one person that read this.
Those hooligans, and don’t ask me for my grandma’s number, on FB,IG,TW, IA,MP,HT and Uber, yes I went a little overboard on the initials but I thought the Uber was cool, don’t really care about you like God does. Where were they in those moments of fear, tears and frustration?…On FB likely, not by your side, not in your heart or patiently waiting to hear from you in the middle of the night.  Let’s face it, most of those hooligans log off at 1-2am, those that are left are definitely not anyone to be friends with, Yuk. 
God never logs off, He is full of grace and time, by the way He made that…time that is. God has all the time in the world for you, get it…He made the world thus has the whole time thing under His control because He is the Alpha & Omega, beginning and end…you’re likely wishing He would end this post.
Ephesians 2:8-9 in the new testament of the Bible says, sorry couldn’t think of anyone named Ephesian and that’s a good thing, it does say…“For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast” .  How AWESOMER is that!!!..just let that marinate for as long as needed. It has huge tenderizing affects the longer it marinates.
Finally, increase your Pf Factor and come to prayer night with us!  If you can’t, get an Uber and if you can’t be with us…we will pray you get a bus stop located near your house, or someone from Lyft starts coming and you can ride with them to prayer next Wednesday night.  Either way, find a way to be social with the God that LOVES you and gave everything for you so that He could provide you an Eternal plan with unlimited social benefits, like miracles and stuff…Ok, I hear the Bible thumpers, it’s not all about the miracles, it is all about Christ Lyfted…Lifted up, that may work both ways.
Increase your Pf Factor!
Love, Pray and Hug your way through each day.
Tony Nazal, AKA – Mperfect Elder.